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The Belters — Betting prediction website with the most accurate tips.

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What is this?

The Belters is a betting prediction website with the most accurate tips out there.

How it works

The Belters is designed in such a way that it gets prediction tips from other sources such as Zulubet and StatArea and then extracts for you the most highlighted games from both websites.

Getting Started

To get started, subscribe at notify to receive notifications for incoming games as per your preference.
NB: You will be prompted to enter 5/= for weekly subscription.

You can then add games to your bet-slip from where you can proceed to your betting provider service.

Installation | Setup

git clone 
cd the-belters

Create a Virtual Env by running

 python3 -m venv venv

Activate it

source venv/bin/activate 

Then install dependencies

 pip install -r requirements.txt 

After you have installed deps, get today games by

 python updater 

And tada!! Open another Terminal and Runserver.

 python runserver 


To get games update be running

 python updater 


Many thanks go out to my partners-in-crime Symons and Jaymoh without whom this project would never have been started, and for their continuous contribution to the project.


The Belters is a free software released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more details.